About The Study

This website is part of a research study conducted by Anthony Kim, M.D. and colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco (www.ucsf.edu). This site does not host or receive funding from advertising.

The funding for development and operation of this site was provided by a grant from the National Stroke Association (www.stroke.org) [Anthony S. Kim, Principal Investigator. Grant Title: Evaluating Symptoms of Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) with WebTIA].

What is the WebTIA Project?

We regret that we cannot provide medical advice by telephone or email, but if you have questions about this research study, please contact:

Anthony S. Kim, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

Department of Neurology

University of California, San Francisco

675 Nelson Rising Lane, Box 0663

San Francisco, CA 94143-0114


415-375-0TIA (415-375-0842)